Reports and Videos from October 9-10 Demonstrations


Some sixty demonstrators from across the globe marched together in the Ma'asara weekly demonstration against the Wall, which focused especially on the killing of two Palestinians in Hebron that morning as well as on the burning of a mosque by settlers earlier in the week. Once at the edge of the village the demonstrators were met by several IDF and Boarder Police jeeps. Soldiers informed the protestors that they were in a closed military zone, but were answered that it was actually freed Palestinian land. It wasn't too many minutes before the march came under a shower of stun grenades, and physical violence by the soldiers. These stopped once the demonstrators crossed some line back into the village.

Facing each other, the demonstrators lectured the soldiers about the true meaning of their actions, and offered them the joint popular demonstrations as a peaceful alternative to their way of occupation and violence. The soldiers were apparently not convinced enough to drop their guns and refuse service, but at least gave up on their intention to throw the gas grenades they help ready in their hands. Eventually, both sides took back, and the demonstration was over.


17 Israelis and about 5 internationals joined the local Palestinian demonstration against the wall and occupation in Bil'in. The demonstrators marched from the village center to the fence gate, which was left wide open, demanding to cross to their land to pick their olives. The olive branch that the demonstrators carried did not persuade the soldiers to let them through, but the soldiers did convince the demonstrators to retreat with their tear gas. The wind blew in the demonstrators faces, and made it difficult for them to regroup, but the shabab found a spot along the route of the wall and away from the peaceful demo to express their anger with stones.

After a while, the soldiers invaded the village using all kind of weapons, but didn't manage to stop the shabab. Then the soldiers retreated back behind the wall, but the shabab kept on stoning for quite a while, until even they had enough. All the demonstrators managed to pick during the demo was a bucketful of used tear gas grenades.

 An Nabi Salih

Sheikh Jarrah

Beit Ommar

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