Demonstrator Shot with Banned 0.22 Live Bullet


Just under 15 internationals and a similar number of Israelis joined the Palestinian demonstration against the land grabbing wall and the other evils of the occupation in Bil'in. The soldiers waited on the village side of the fence, but did not deter the demonstrators from marching directly at them, chanting and explaining to them why they shouldn't be there. Two Palestinian farmers, a man and a woman, asked to cross over to their lands, but were physically blocked.

The organizers kept the shabab more or less at bay, and even the army surprisingly did not use the first four or five scattered stones as an excuse to open fire. But when the demo was ready to disperse, the shabab and soldiers couldn't contain their eagerness, and decided to step things up with stones and gas.

The shabab had the dubious achievement of hitting no less than three journalists, one of them in the head. Later things escalated, culminating in Ashraf Khatib being shot in his calf with a 0.22 live bullet - a bullet that the army itself banned from use for crowd control.


A smaller than usual group of about 40 Palestinian residents of Hebron and their supporters - including many young children from the segregated Israeli-controlled al-Sheikh neighborhood - carried signs, drummed and chanted while marching against the occupation and Jewish-only settlement in Hebron. The march was soon stopped by Israeli soldiers before even reaching the closed Shuhada street gate.

Although the demonstration remained calm and peaceful, the soldiers soon began pushing the protesters back. The protesters did not object and carried on with the demo at a spot the army conceived "secured" enough, a few dozen meters from the closed Shuhada gate. As in every demo, after a while the protesters began to march through the old city alleys‫.‬ Settlers squirted water on the protesters and the Palestinian market as the march passed below their homes. Following this, soldiers came to again physically push away the already going marchers, which were by then quite far from the settlers. Without neither justification nor consideration for the many young children attending, the soldiers threw a few sound bombs into the already moving away march as it neared its end.


Around 50 demonstrators marched from the village to the wall, where they shortly being attacked by the IDF soldiers, tear gas and live ammunition was used. The soldiers crossed the wall and ran after the demonstrators till the outskirt of the village where both side could not deal with the heat and after half and hour went back, the soldiers to the other side of the wall and the demonstrators with some victory songs back to center of the village.

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